Web1 Syndication and Digital Triggers Announce Company Split
Posted by Ben Pate on 19 April 2019 05:04 PM

Founders of leading-edge tech services seek focused direction in amicable separation

FLORIDA (April 19, 2019) Cutting-edge digital marketing services/software founders Ben Pate
and Joe Troyer announced they will split their revolutionary business Web1 and Digital Triggers to better
focus their efforts in providing premium client services and software solutions. Pate will retain the
Web1 Syndication brand, while Troyer will focus on and expand the services currently offered through
Digital Triggers.

The amicable separation comes as Web1 Syndication celebrates nearly 10 years of client-focused
services and software which include Analytic Call Tracking, Index AutoPilot, WPLaunchPad, and
other products. Digital Triggers developed from Web1 as the tech entrepreneurs discovered a need
for in-depth client education and training in the rapidly developing on-line world. Included under
Digital triggers offerings which Troyer will oversee are: Syndwire “the ultimate content syndication tool.”
Troyer will also retain the Pay Per Call Mastermind, Lead Gen Prospector, among others.

“We fully support each other in our decision,” says Pate. “Joe is focusing on a new venture which
will consist of providing the best training and advice to help people leverage the newest
technologies and software for their business.

”Ben and I are fully committed to providing the same attentive support for our customers and their
products,” says Troyer. “We have prided ourselves on being there for our clients when others fall
short, and that dedicated oversight will not change.” The split allows them both to focus their
energies on specific services which have grown based upon customer demand.

“We both look forward to pursuing our passion for helping businesses shortcut the learning process
by providing the best software and training to help them grow their online business,” says Pate. “Joe
and I have always been in it for the long haul, and not the get-rich-quick mentality of other tech
solutions companies. This will allow us to direct our energies towards those goals while still
supporting each other’s endeavors.”

Please direct any questions about the products below to their respective owners.

Product Info

Web1 Syndication Inc.

  • Analytic Call Tracking
  • Index AutoPilot
  • WPLaunchPad
  • PPC Income Formula
  • PPCBizBox
  • Serpinatr

Digital Triggers LLC

  • Syndwire
  • PPCall Mastermind
  • Lead Gen Prospector
  • Local Lead Gen Mastery
  • Google Maps Vault
  • Backlink Outreach Masterclass
  • Guest Post Beta 

Contact Info

Web1 Syndication - Ben Pate
support at

Digital Triggers - Joe Troyer
support at

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