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Can't Enable My Browser Applet Google Chrome Extension?

1) The pop up blocker is enabled and blocking extension

2) If you are using a windows computer, it may be totalled blocked from accessing it.

To fix this install the developers version of Chrome, by clicking the link below.

This will not overwrite your curent Google Chrome Application

If you are still having issues, submit a support ticket at





An update by Chrome has caused the browsersoft phone located inside of Analytic Call Tracking to fail.

Twilio has released a statement concerning this:


Your Analytic Call Tracking application will now require an SSL to be installed on your domain.

Host specific instructions:

Host Gator:
A2 hosting:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at

Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up the Javascript Referrer Tracking script.

Let's say you have a YouTube video with the website link on it, and a Facebook ad with the number. The ideal setup is:


1 Number for Google.

1 Number for YouTube.

1 Number for Facebook.

1 "Default" number. (Just in case they come from somewhere else.)


All of these numbers will ring to the company's main line.

You can purchase these numbers from "Manage Phone Numbers" page and then set the campaign name by clicking the gear icon.

After setting the campaign, go to "Manage Companies" and set the numbers to the same company.

After you setup the numbers, head to "ACT Settings" page and select the company you are using it for. 

A window will pop up with the Javascript code. Add this to the page before the closing </body> tag.

Wrap the numbers on the page with <span class="tele"></span> like this:


<span class="tele">555-649-5548</span>


The number will dynamically change depending on where the user has come from.

If you are having difficulty, please submit a ticket and we will do our best to help you.


Licenses to our products are non-transferable.

If you receive a lot of phone calls, eventually you’re likely to notice a caller with +266696687 in the caller ID.

You can block or challenge calls from specific phone numbers, including +266696687, in ACT. But before you do, here are a couple things to consider:

  • +266696687 spells ANONYMOUS on your telephone keypad
  • Legitimate callers who have blocked their Caller ID sometimes use +266696687
  • Callers from Skype often have +266696687 reported by caller ID

266696687 = ANONYMOUS

Deleting calls from Analytic Call Tracking is unavailable at this time, but you may delete them in PHPMyAdmin.  Please see the video below.



Please contact support with any further questions.

I set up a tracking number on a homepage for a roofing company in Miami and the number is 786-555-1212.

When I set up dynamic referrer tracking on this default tracking number I want to go into my managed phone numbers and assign a tracking number to PPC for one number and Google Organic for the other.

When someone clicks on the PPC ad, the number will change from 786-555-1212 to the tracking number you assigned to PPC.

When someone clicks on the website URL from Google Organic, the number will change from 786-555-1212 to the tracking number you assigned to Google Organic.

If you would like to unsubscribe from ACT Enterprise please follow these steps:

1. Submit a Ticket including the email address you upgraded to ACT 2.0 with

Once you submit a ticket we will be able to cancel or postpone your Enterprise subscription and send you confirmation.

Be advised that once you cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to the Enterprise features.

Submit a Ticket


As of v1.26, you can remove the Twilio logo in the [Admin] -> [ACT Settings] page. Just click on "Disable the footer in ACT."

If you have any problems please submit a ticket

No, you do not need international ringback tone selected if you are calling from a Canadian call tracking number.

It is only required when you are using a forwarding number that requires a country code.




If there is an active voicemail on the forwarded number, this will always pick up the voicemail all the time. The voicemail feature is for calling a tracking number and going directly to a voicemail.

The forwarding number's voivemail will always supersede the ACT voicemail that was created.



To Add Your Personal Logo to ACT Follow These Steps:


1. Click on Admin

2. Click on ACT Settings

3. Copy and Paste your Logo Into

> Company Logo URL

4. Click save and you will see your Logo in the top left corner.


If you have followed these steps and you still can't get your Logo uploaded Please contact Support.

Submit A Ticket

To add an image, go to Admin > ACT Settings.


Scroll down to where it says Company Logo URL:

Paste the link to your image in the field and click Save URL.


If you're having issues, please contact support by going to

If you would like to change the Caller ID number that shows up when a call is forwarded to a client please follow these steps:

Go to the ADMIN tab


From there you will see a column that says CALLER ID

The default for this is "none" - from there you add the number that you wish the client to see when a call comes in.

Be sure to add a + and the country code of the number.

If you have done this and are still running into issues with the Caller ID please contact support.

Submit A Ticket

You can change the company name to the one you prefer at the ACT login screen by taking the following steps:

1.) Log into your cPanel account
2.) Go to File Manager and inside your tracking domain open the 'Include' folder
3.) Edit config.php file and locate where it says 'Site Name'
4.) Enter the preferred name
5.) Save and Close

Refresh the screen to display the new company name.

Creating a Database

1) Log into your hosting or cPanel and click on MySQL Database Wizard in the Databases section.

Step 1: Create a Database and click on Next Step

Step 2: Create Database Users:

Create username and password and click on Create User

Step 3: Add User to the Database

Place checkmark on ALL PRIVILEGES and click on Next Step

Adding ACT SQL File to Database

1) Click on phpMyAdmin in the Databases Section.

2) Locate your Database on the left hand side and click on it.

3) Click on Import at the top of the screen.

4) Click on Choose File and browse to where the Calltrack.sql file is located and click Open.

5) Click Go.

You will need multiple numbers setup for the same company in order to have different whispers configured.

See sample steps below on how to configure multiple whispers for the same company.

1. Create ABC Company 1

2. Assign a number to ABC 1 and setup whisper.

3. Create ABC Company 2

4. Assign a different number to ABC 2 and setup whisper.


NOTE: Make sure you have a backup of you database before making any changes to your ACT installation.

To edit a Company Name in ACT do the steps below:

1) Log into your CPanel.

2) Access your PHPMyAdmin.

3) Click on your database on the left hand side.

4) Select the "Companies" Table.

5) Locate the Company you want to change and select Edit.

6) In the box to the right change the Company Name.

7) Scroll down to the bottom and Click Go.

8) Go to your ACT URL and refresh the page.




If you have Kaspersky software running on your computer. It has to do with the Anti-Banner function on it.



No, you can not have a dynamic referrer tracking number and pooled numbers for keyword level tracking on the same page.

You can only use one or the other , but not both.



In order to avoid always clicking on allow, you will need a SSL Certificate for the domain.

If you select Allow on a "https" URL, your preference will be remembered in future visits.

I understand you purchased a phone number in Twilio and it's not showing up in your Analytic Call Tracking account.

Phone numbers in Analytic Call Tracking are refreshed automatically every hour. After the phone numbers refresh, you'll see the number on the manage phone numbers page.

If you purchase a phone number from within the Analytic Call Tracking interface (as you should), the number will show up immediately and you won't have to wait for numbers to refresh.

You can refresh your phone numbers manually by clicking the refresh icon next to the count of phone numbers.

To manually refresh your phone numbers:

1) Go to Admin > Manage Phone Numbers

2) Click the refresh iconĀ  next to the count of your Twilio numbers

We have many tickets suggesting additions to ACT or updates that they personally want for their ACT system.

We are always looking to update our software and make it better for you, sometimes what is great for one customer is not useful to another.

For this reason when you purchase ACT you purchase it "As Is", however 'ACT 1.xx.x' is open source, this means you are allowed to add/modify ACT.

We only ask that you share this changes with us.


Please submit a ticket if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, when you add applets in the advanced call flow after the voicemail they do not work.



Your dynamic referrer tracking numbers are not changing because:

1.  You have not generated the javascript code for company.

Admin > ACT Settings

    a. select a company

    b. generate code

    c. copy and paste and place before the /body tag.

2. The tracking phone numbers are not assigned to the campaign

    a. find the phone number you want to assign

    b. click on the gear button and assign

    c.  default number, just in case they are coming from somewhere else.

 ie.  If your phone number in your campaign is (702) 555-1212  then your tracking number on your webpage should be in the same format.

3.  Make sure the code is correct where your phone number is displayed.

    a. the correct format is <span class="tele">555-649-5548</span>






To fix the error you are getting with your International number, try the following steps;

1) Log into your ACT

2) Go to Admin > Manage Companies

3) Click on the Call Flow (it will display either None, Ring 1 Number, Round Robin, Multiple Numbers, or Advanced) 

4) Click on Edit Settings

5) Make sure there is a checkmark in International Number

6) Insert the International Number with the country code, but without the +.

7) Click Save


You may also watch the video in the help section for reference:!/setting_up_your_international_number_in_act