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1. Click on a call log

2. Click on the date of the call to go to the call details.

3. At the bottom, click on the Send Link envelope icon.

4. You will see the recording link.

5. Copy and paste the link in a new tab and hit enter.

6. Now you can see the audio file, right click on the recording.

7. Save it as an audio to your computer.

If you would like to disable the call recordings for one particular company please follow these steps:

Go to ADMIN >> MANAGE COMPANIES >> Click desired Company

From there you will see a screen pop where you enter the URL's for Call Recordings and Whispers

Below that you will see a box with text next to it that states:

Disable Recordings for this Company

This will disable recordings for the particular company.

If you have any further questions please contact support.

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If you notice that you have calls that are not recording please follow these steps:

1) upgrade to the latest version of ACT

2) upgrade your browser

3) make sure call recordings are set to true in the config.php

If after doing these two things your calls are still not recording please contact support and supply your cPanel access

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