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Your whisper may not be working correctly and you will receive an application error has occurred notification.

To fix this:

- Make sure that the link has no spaces and keep it under 25 characters in the mp3 file name.

- Ensure that the mp3 link is accessible and can be played when you try it on a browser.


You can only add one email at this time to get the voicemail call script in the advanced call flow.



Please follow this steps to create a URL to copy and paste for your Whisper and Notification Recordings:


1. Upload the mp3 or similar file to your ACT's mp3 directory - you would visit:

2. Look for your file, then right-click and 'Copy Link Address'

3. Then paste it to the desired Whisper or Notification bar in ACT


If you have gone through these steps and are still experiencing difficulties please submit a ticket.

There are a few options for this:

1. Call one of your phone numbers, and have someone pick up the phone and not say anything. Just say whatever you want your message to be and hang up. Next go back into the companies call logs and you can grab the url to the mp3 or even download the mp3 file.

2. Use a text to speech application like this:
Really cheap, Free Trial, And Doesn't Sound Like A Robot!

3. Use Audactiy to Record Your MP3 File

4. Pay someone to do it on

If you do not hear your text to speech message try the following:

1) Make sure you are using Google Chrome

2) Insert the text and click on Test

3) A message will pop up with wants to use your microphone, click Allow.

If you do not see the message then you will see something like this below.

4) Click on the icon in the image and you will get a message "This page has been blocked from accessing your microphone" and select Ask if wants to access your microphone.



5) Click Done






If you are getting notifications and the company was either removed or not added it's because the user was changed to an admin account.

An admin user will receive all notifications from all companies.





If your whisper or recording URL is not saving there may be a few reasons for this.
To fix this issue please follow these steps:
1. Upgrade to the latest version of ACT located in the members area.
2. If you have the latest version, please try clearing you cache.
If the whisper/recording URL is still not saving please submit a ticket.