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You can purchase numbers from ACT if they are from:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK

Any numbers from other countries will have to be purchased through Twilio

Go to:

Admin  > Manage Phone Numbers

the following screen should appear:

Purchase Number


 You can search by:

  • US Postal Code
  • Similar Numbers
  • Or numbers following a certain pattern

Please contact support if you have trouble purchasing a phone number within ACT

Submit a ticket

If you will be using International Dialing for ACT you will first need to enable this in Twilio.

Please follow this steps to setup International Dialing:

1. Log into your Twilio Account

2. Fill Out Twilio's International Dialing Permission Form found here:

3. Select which countries you would like international dialing permission for by clicking the box next to the country and click on request access.

4. Purchase an international number (in ACT for UK & Canada)

5. In ACT select International Number under call flow settings

6. Test your international number

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues please go ahead and submit a support ticket, please include your ACT URL as well as Twilio Access.


Submit A Ticket

To set an outbound numbers as an international number:

1) Log into your twilio account and ask them for access, they should approve you quickly.


2) Make sure when you set the outgoing number that you check the box that says "International Number".

3) Always enter the full phone number including the country code and no spaces or dashes, just the numbers.


If you have further issues please submit a ticket.

To begin the porting process:

1) please log into your account

2) go to the porting page.

You will need to provide us with your billing address and contact information. We will also require that you fill out a Letter of Authorization and provide a scanned (or electronic) copy of your most recent phone bill that includes your account and address information for all the numbers you'd like to port.

Here is a link to the Letter of Authorization:

For more information about porting numbers to Twilio please visit:

To purchase an international number, you'll have to purchase it on Twilio's site.

After purchasing, change the Voice URL to:


Make sure you replace "yourserver" with your ACT domain.

For any further questions please submit a ticket.

To  transfer a Twilio number from one account to another do the following:

Log in to your Twilio account and submit a support ticket.

Tell them you want to transfer a Twilio number from one account to another.

Note: To speed up the process, provide as much information when creating the support request.

If you are wondering how much phone numbers cost and have questions regarding pricing for calls, we would like to direct you to the Twilio Pricing Page.

Because prices vary depending upon need we feel that this is a better way for you to get the information you are seeking.

For any questions related to our Analytic Call Tracking Software please submit a ticket

After purchasing a number from Twilio you must set it up within ACT.

In order to reset your company numbers you must change the URL so that it then matches your subdomain.

The URL you get from Twilio for a phone number looks like this: and will be highlighted in yellow if it is the incorrect URL.

In order to set it up in ACT you're going to want to set it to your tracking domain (where your ACT installation is). Please do the following.

1) Click on Admin > Manage Phone Number
2) Scroll down to the bottom where the numbers are located.
3) In actions, click on the drop down next to Select and choose Reset URL.

It should look something like this:

If you have set your URL correctly and are still encountering difficulties please submit a ticket.

After purchasing a number from Twilio you must set it up within ACT.

In order to set it up in ACT follow the steps below;

1. Login to your ACT website.

2. Go to Admin > Manage Phone Numbers

3. Go the the phone number that you just purchased and on the right part of the screen, select "Reset URL".