Knowledgebase : ACT SaaS
Yes, you can do this by going to Manage Companies and clicking on the company name. On the new window, look for "Delete Recordings after:" and change the value on the drop-down field next to it.
Yes, ACT SaaS has a new feature that rejects calls detected as spam. For this feature to work, you will need to enable NomoRobo in Twilio - please watch the video below: [] For furth...
You can now enable Google Analytics tracking per company in ACT SaaS. To do this, log in to ACT and go to Manage Companies. Click on the name of the company you would like to enable Google Analytics tracking on. On the new window, tick the box next to...
You can cancel your subscription by logging in to and click "Billing Info" at the top-left. You can then click Cancel Subscription under Subscription Info. If you have further questions, please contact support.
You can easily change your company name by going to Manage Companies and clicking the company name you would like to change. In the new window, you can change the company name on the Company Name field.
If you already have an ACT Standard or Enterprise install and you would like to sign and migrate it to our SaaS version (version we are hosting it for you) please create an account at the link below: [
If there is an SMS Forwarding number specified for your tracking number inside Manage Phone Numbers, then text messages will not appear in your ACT company's SMS inbox. []