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Knowledgebase : Poking Automation Toolkit
Gmail accounts will ask to verify if the account is trying to log in from a different computer. Fiverr gig, if it's good, should give you the verifications/security questions they used when setting up the account. You should also ask assistance from them ...
PAT, or the Poking Automation Toolkit works by creating duplicate videos for each target city using a base video. For example, you have a base video for Emergency Plumbing Services. What PAT will do is create duplicates of the videos and change the titl...
You will have to use this .js file:­W4K2bXa3Q3WjNwY2ZUSzg [­W4K2bXa3Q3WjNwY2ZUSzg] Have a great day!
One of the reasons why it's not installing is because your device might be running a 32-bit system. If so, please use this installer instead: [] If it still doesn't work, please contact support:...
This is a known issue in Windows and is caused by a wrong file name for the CSV file. This video explains how to fix this: ​
Tags should be separated by a pipe. Here's an example: TagA|TagB|TagC|TagD Please contact support for further assistance.
This can be fixed by updating Adobe Flashplayer -
The base video is the only one that needs to have a Creative Commons license. The videos that iMacros will create will only have Standard Youtube license.