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When you embed your YouTube videos, by default, the are NOT responsive.

To make them responsive, you need to go here...

Once you are there...

1. Copy your YouTube video page URL
2. Get your new, mobile friendly embed code
3. Paste the code on your site

This will make the video responsive.

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The current items in the footer are place holders and you would need to add your own widget to replace the content.

Please go to Appearance > Widgets and add a text widget to Footer 1 to replace the About Us text.
Similarly, you can add the "LBT: Business Hours" widget to Footer 3 to update the business hours on the theme.

Please submit a ticket if you have any further questions or need more help.

If you are getting an error that the theme you are trying to upload is missing css file then you need to use the restore feature of WPBP plugin to launch those sites.

The themes that you downloaded from the members area are not themes but instead full sites. Please follow these steps to restore a site with WPBP plugin:

1. Download WPBP Plugin & Install on your Wordpress Site.

2. Download one of the D4Y sites.

3. Then restore the zip using the WPBP Plugin.


Here is a video with step by step instructions:

The current widgets in the footer section are placeholders so you would not be able to edit them.
To update the footer widgets please go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a widget to a footer section and add your own content.

If you wanted to update the About Us section then please drag a Text Widget to Footer 2 and add your company text, similarly you can drag the widget LBT: Business Hours to Footer 4 to add your own business hours.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please just let us know.


When you install Yoast Wordpress SEO on a Wordpress site that has LBT, Yoast will try to override the meta description that LBT has already set.

When this happens, you can make one of the following changes to correct this.

  A. Use the meta description LBT has already set.

If you want to use LBT, you would need to deactivate the Yoast plugin.

  1. Go to WP-admin > Plugins > Look for WordPress SEO by Team Yoast.
  2. Click on Deactivate
  3. Once deactivated and the page refreshes, click on Delete


  B. Use meta description from Yoast.

If you choose Yoast, you can override the meta description by going to

  1. WP-admin > SEO > Click on “Fix It” in the error prompt.