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If you are getting the message, "cannot authenticate" or are having trouble getting past this step while upgrading to ACT 2.0, please make sure that you are entering the email that you used to purchase ACT with originally. If you enter a different email it will not recognize it and you will be unable to get into your site. If you are certain that you are using the email you bought ACT with and are still having issues authenticating your upgrade, please submit a support ticket. 

ACT Login Problem Using FatCow Hostingfatcow

If you are experiencing login issues with your ACT URL, and you are utilizing FatCow Hosting, you need to contact their support department.

Ask them to make sure that they have your ‘session path’ set for PHP. This should resolve any login issues you are experiencing with your Analytic Call Tracking URL.

If the issue still persist please consider migrating to our recommended A2 hosting platform.

If you have not received the necessary information to access your purchase please contact support.

Please Provide:

  • The copied and pasted receipt of your transaction

Please submit a ticket


If you are receiving a message stating that you have exceeded the number of ACT installations available, this is because you are trying to setup ACT on an additional site other than the URL you originally installed ACT on.

You can either purchase another license for $99/month subscription, or you can migrate your ACT from your previous site to the new one you are trying to setup.

If you do not have ACT installed anywhere yet and are getting this error message, please submit a support ticket.