Mini-Audit is Missing Data
Posted by Ryan Walsh, Last modified by Ryan Walsh on 24 July 2013 11:51 AM

If you Mini-Audit reports are missing data, push the reset link under the template text box on the settings page.

If you have done this and it is still not working please paste the following template into your settings...


{companyCity}, {companyState} {companyZip}
Email: {companyEmail}
Office: {companyPhone}
Fax: {companyFax}

Adwords Account Mini Audit

Prepared for: {targetCompany}
Prepared by: {contactName}
Date: {date}



Google Analytics
Google Analytics helps you understand how visitors are interacting with your site.

Seller Ratings
Show off your 5 star reputation with the seller ratings extension and get a lift in click through rate.

Call to Action
Ads should contain call to actions to help inspire the users to click your ad.

Landing Pages
Ads should drive visitors to specific landing pages and not just the home page.

Link to Privacy Policy
Websites should have legal privacy policy pages in place which help overall ad placement.

Display URLs
Display URLs should be optimized to help increase click through on your ads.

Call Extension
Call Extensions allow users to see a phone number without even clicking your ad.

Location Extension
Location Extensions help drive local leads to your business and can help click throughs.

Site Links
Sitelinks help users find what they're looking for faster and can increase your click throughs.

Split Testing
Split testing is the practice of testing different ads to improve results. Always be testing.

Remarketing allows you to show ads to users that have already visited your site.

Paid Keywords

Avg. Cost per Click




Top Ad Competitors

Common Keywords
Ads Keywords
Ads Traffic Price


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Call {contactPhone} ({contactName})
Copyright © {year} {companyName}

This should correct the issue. If not, please submit a support ticket. 

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