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Why the ppc prospector ads traffic price is so much higher than the SEMRush traffic price
Posted by , Last modified by Ben Pate on 06 July 2013 10:22 AM

The reason why PPC Prospector shows a higher ads traffic price is because of the multiplier on the "settings" tab.

The PPC Prospector comes with a default multiplier of 20 which means the Ads Traffic Price will get multiplied by 20.

SEMRush is not accurate and if you ask them they will agree with you.

We've found that a multiplier of 20 seems to be the most consistent.

The more a business is advertising the more accurate it should be, hence, a lower multiplier.

Other items to consider are is this a national advertiser or a hyper local advertiser. The hyper local would require a higher multiplier than the national should.

Compare with your own accounts and see what your findings are.

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