Bonus Website Theme FAQs
Posted by Ryan Walsh on 26 June 2013 12:24 PM

Q: Where can I download the WordPress theme?

A:You can find the link to the WordPress theme in the bonus section within the PPC Income Formula Members Page. 


Q: How do I install the theme to my site?

A: First, download the .zip file from the bonus section. Next, login to your WordPress and go to Appearence>Themes. From there, choose the .zip file from your computer, and click install. Once it is installed, activate it. 


Q: What comes / doesn't come with the theme?

A: The WordPress theme comes with the basic outline of the site, however, it does not include the content and graphics that you see on our site (which uses the very same theme). 


Q: How do I customize my site once I have activated the theme?

A: Do customize your site, please refer to the training video in the bonus section of the Member Page for PPC Income Formula. 


***If you have any further questions about the Bonus WordPress theme, please submit a support ticket***

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