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Knowledgebase: Local Keyword Digger
Do I Need Death By Captcha?
Posted by on 17 December 2012 12:16 PM

You don't necessarily NEED to use Death By Captcha to use Local Keyword Digger however it will make analyzing much more convenient.

Having captchas allows you to automatically beat the captcha system during the analyze session.  

Deathbycaptcha is the top rated captcha solving service with the lowest price.  Deathbycaptcha is the only setting currently on LKD.  

Captcha solving is not absolutely necessary, but recommended.  

It allows you to run fully automated analyze sessions with 1,000's of keywords without stopping the session to ask for you to manually enter in the captcha.

The downside to not having captchas, will result in babysitting LKD for every 200 - 300 (estimate) keywords where they will be forced to manually solve the captcha themselves throughout the analyze session.


If you have any other questions regarding Local Keyword Digger please submit a ticket.

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