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ACT: Javascript Referrer Tracking
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Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up the Javascript Referrer Tracking script.

Let's say you have a YouTube video with the website link on it, and a Facebook ad with the number. The ideal setup is:


1 Number for Google.

1 Number for YouTube.

1 Number for Facebook.

1 "Default" number. (Just in case they come from somewhere else.)


All of these numbers will ring to the company's main line.

You can purchase these numbers from "Manage Phone Numbers" page and then set the campaign name by clicking the gear icon.

After setting the campaign, go to "Manage Companies" and set the numbers to the same company.

After you setup the numbers, head to "ACT Settings" page and select the company you are using it for. 

A window will pop up with the Javascript code. Add this to the page before the closing </body> tag.

Wrap the numbers on the page with <span class="tele"></span> like this:


<span class="tele">555-649-5548</span>


The number will dynamically change depending on where the user has come from.

If you are having difficulty, please submit a ticket and we will do our best to help you.


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