Blogger Issues - FIXED
Posted by Ryan Claudio on 15 February 2017 02:22 PM

Syndwire changed the backend process in which we post to Blogger due to multiple authentication issues.

Previously, users would add new Blogger accounts by connecting with our API and needing to login to blogger to add each account.

The new posting method allows the user to post using email. This is a setting which will require accounts to setup “posting by email” prior to adding the account in Syndwire.

Users who have existing accounts in Syndwire experiencing authentication issues can still be re-authenticated using the API.

However, as a permanent posting solution, we suggest that you modify your Blogger accounts and add them using the new method. Many users are frustrated from having to re-authenticate - this is a permanent solution which will not lose authentication.

If you want to switch to the new posting method, you'll need to switch your Blogger accounts to Post By Email and add them as a new account:

Here's a video showing a step-by-step procedure in adding new Blogger accounts (or re-adding):



Please contact support if you need any additional assistance at

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