How To Install a D4Y Template
Posted by on 10 November 2016 12:34 PM

There are 2 ways you can achieve this.


1. Using the clone feature to use the D4Y template for your site.


- Go to your Launchpad Dashboard and click "Manage cPanel"

- Click "Add new cPanel"

- Provide all the details of your web host's cpanel. Here's a screenshot of that area

- After adding the cPanel, click "Clone cPanel" then click "Add New Clone"

- Enter the name of the site and then hit next

- Select the cPanel that you just created from the drop down menu

- Select the option "Install on main domain" (If your cPanel uses your main domain. If not, select the option Install on add on Domain)

- Enter the WP admin username and password then hit next.

- Select the D4Y template from the drop down menu (under Local Business Theme. Server config should be None)

- Click Next and your site now will be created. Please wait as this may take a while to process. Don't close the browser or hit refresh.


2. Create a Wordpress site from your cPanel and use the D4Y template zip file


- There are features in cPanel such as Softaculous Auto Installer so you can easily install Wordpress on your site.

- Install Wordpress using Softaculous or by manual install. Please check this article for manual install

- Once that you setup your Wordpress site, login to your wordpress dashboard and then download and install the WP Backup Plus plugin. You can download it by going here

- Click Settings to activate the plugin and then click Backup, Upload & Restore

- Download the D4Y template by going to your Launchpad Dashboard and then click "Marketplace"

- Go to "Purchased" tab and then click green "Website":button for the D4Y template

- You will download the full backup zip of the D4Y theme.

- After downloading, go back to your Wordpress admin dashboard and upload that zip file under "Backup, Upload & Restore"

- Click the blue "Restore Backup" button to begin. (Take note of the wordpress admin login credentials)

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