Error with DNS when cloning
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If you are getting the message "It looks like this domain is not pointed to your hosting account. Please check the DNS settings for this domain" when trying to make a clone, make sure that your domain name is using the nameserver of your web hosting provider or your domain has an A record that points to your web hosting IP address.

Please note that changing your DNS may take a while to propagate but you can lower your TTL settings to make the DNS change take effect quickly.

Also note of the terminology below:

Domain Registrar - Where you purchased/registered the domain name (eg. GoDaddy) Usually, domain registrar offers DNS management feature but if not, you can use a different DNS manager such as Cloudflare.

Web Hosting Provider / cPanel - This is where the site content is stored, (eg. A2 Hosting) You can usually see your web hosting IP address on the cPanel's main page but if you can't see it, you may contact your web hosting support to help you find it.

Domain Registrar and Web Hosting must be connected in order for the site to display on your

Pointing to web hosting nameservers usually work but we recommend pointing to the host's IP address using A record.

If you clone a site on Launchpad, it will be either main domain, subdomain or add-on domain. The important thing is the domain name must have an A record that points to the Web Host / cPanel's IP address.

If you have a specific website/domain that are having issues with cloning, please let us know and we will gladly help you.

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