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Plugin Won't Authenticate
Posted by Ryan Walsh on 02 April 2015 05:11 PM

If you are having trouble authenticating your WPBackup+ Plugin, please check the following...

First, make certain that the plugin is installed at "?file=wp-backup-plus/wp-backup-plus.php". 

You can find this by clicking on "plugins" in your WP backend. 

Then, click "edit" under the WPBP plugin and look at the address bar. 

Again, it should read "?file=wp-backup-plus/wp-backup-plus.php" on BOTH the right hand side of the page under "Plugin Files", and, in the URL.

Once you have made certain the plugin is installed, please do the following...

  1. Deactivate the plugin from WP
  2. Delete the plugin from WP
  3. Reupload the plugin with the correct file name
  4. Doublecheck under "edit settings" to make certain the file name is now correct.

If you have completed these steps, and, you are still running into issues authenticating the plugin, please submit a support ticket at


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