What Do I Do When LKD Gives Me An Incorrect Username and Password Error
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If you receive an error stating that your Google username and password are incorrect there may be a few reasons for this.  


1. Your Google account has 2-step verification activated.

2. Your Google Adwords Account is outdated or does not have the proper account information setup.

Please follow these steps in order to get Local Keyword Digger functioning properly:

1. Create a new Google account - for Local Keyword Digger Only

2. Set up a new basic Adwords account

3. Verify by testing the Google Adwords Keyword Tool through your browser

4. Open Local Keyword Digger, click the settings tab and scroll down to the Google Keyword Tool Settings

5. Enter your new Google Adwords account information in the required fields (Username and Password)

6. Click "check account"

7. Your new account will be ready for use by  confirmation of "Your account should be available"

If you have tried all of these steps and you are still experiencing difficulties please submit a ticket.


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