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How do I play pre-recorded videos in a live google hangout?
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To play pre-recorded videos in a live google hangout do the following:

First, you will need to check your audio settings on your computer or go to your control panel and click on Hardware and Sound. 

1) Right click the speaker in the bottom right corner and select recording devices. To test to make sure there is sound coming out of your speakers, play sound and it should show the meter going up and down.

2) Find Stereo Mix in the list and make sure it is enabled. There should be a green circle with a white check in it.
Note: if you do not see Stereo Mix, right click in a white area and make sure there is a check next to Show Disabled Devices.

3) Click on playback and make sure your speakers or headset is selected.

Click on for the demonstration.

Now you are ready to set up your Google Hangout.

1) Sign into your Google account or go directly to

2) Click on Hangouts On Air at the top.

3) Click on Start a Hangout On Air.

4) Insert the longtail keyword you are targeting and the phone number in the title which is the first text box.

5) Insert the description for the video in the next box. Make sure it is at least 300 words and has your keywords in it, One keyword for every 100 words. Enter relevant keywords and hashtags at the end. ie #keyword

6) Click Share.

7) Click Start in the next screen after the hangout has been created.

Next, when you are in the hangout screen you will be doing the following. 

1) Skip invite guests.

2) Click on the cog wheel which is the settings.

3) Do not worry about the first text box which is the webcam since we are uploading a video.

4) Select Stereo Mix for the Mic

5) Select Speakers for the sound. Play test sound to make sure you hear sound coming out of the speakers.

6) Click Save

Next, we are going to click on Links at the bottom right of the screen and copy the YouTube Page link and open Syndwire.

1) Log into Syndwire.

2) Choose Publish > Status Update

3) Enter title as we did for the Google Hangout and place the YouTube Page link at the end of the title.
Note: you may spin your title, it will create a different one when you post to your accounts. Make sure you choose Yes if you are spinning your status update.

4) Select Networks

5) Submit

6) Select Publish > Bookmark and repeat. Insert description as we did for the Google Hangout and make sure it is unique.

Now we are ready to set up the video to play in Google Hangouts.

1) Go to your Google Hangout screen and open the video you want to show.

2) Click on the screenshare icon in the left hand corner (it is a green rectangle box with an arrow pointing to the right)

3) Share your screen box will open up and you should see your video and click share. 
Note: Make sure your video is in full screen.

4) When everything is ready click on Start Broadcast and once it shows as live, play the video.

5) When the video stops playing, end broadcast and click on red phone at the top of the screen.

Click on for the demonstration.

Wait up to 10 minutes for the video to show up in your channel on Youtube.

Finally, we are going to further optimize the video and make it public.

1) Go to your youtube account and edit the video.

2) Add your tags for your keywords

3) Change Unlisted to Public 
***IMPORTANT - If you leave your video as unlisted, it will not show up in Youtube or Google.

4) Click on Advanced Settings

5) Choose the same category as the #1 video showing up in Google. (Use Viewlio)

6) Place the city or address of the business you are promoting in video location.

Click on for the demonstration.

If you still have questions give us a call weekdays at 561-841-1832, 10am - 6pm.



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