MP3 Whisper Not Playing
Posted by Ryan Walsh, Last modified by Ryan Walsh on 06 March 2014 09:12 AM

If you have uploaded your whisper file to your mp3 folder (found in your ACT files) in your cPanel file manager, and you are not hearing it when you call tracking numbers are being answered, please consider the following...

Though you may have saved the whisper file as an mp3, it is probable that the source file is, actually, a video file such as an mp4. If this is the case, the recording will not play when the call is answered. 

If you have an mp4 file that you need to convert to an mp3, we recommend using this site to convert the file:

Once you have succesfully converted the file to an mp3, you will need to reupload it to your mp3 folder in your cPanel. 

If you have made sure that the file in your ACT company settings is, in fact, and mp3 file that is formatted properly (Example:, and it is still not playing, please send us a ticket with your ACT URL and login credentials, and make sure to let us know which company is having the problem.  

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