FB Connect Button Doesn't Do Anything When I Click It
Posted by Ryan Walsh, Last modified by Juan Guiterrez on 02 April 2014 11:01 PM

If you are clicking on your FB Connect Button on your WP Page, and nothing is happening, please make sure you have the App Enabled in your FB App Settings page. 

To do this, please login to your FB Developers Page, find the Application you are editing, and then click on "Status & Review". 

From there, you need to make sure the Application is set to Available: 


Next, When you are entering your App Domain names it is essential to type in your domain again where your WP installation is located. 

If the "Apps Domain" field is filled out incorrectly you will receive the following error...

"Site URL, Mobile URL, Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL"

This means that your App domain does not match the site URL entered in the last step. If it is incorrect, a small, red triangle will appear. 

If you are sure your App domain name matches your WP URL, and you are still having trouble with your FB Connect button, please let us know. 

Make sure to include your WP URL and login credentials, as well as your cPanel login information so we can debug the issue as quickly as possible. 

If you have done this, and your FB Connect button is still unresponsive, please submit a support ticket including your WP URL and login. 

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