Temporary Directory Error
Posted by Juan Guiterrez, Last modified by on 07 January 2014 03:08 PM

Temporary Directory Error                          

Wordpress must have write permission over the wp-content/uploads folder. WP Backup Plus needs to create a temp directory there to function.

With most hosts that happens automatically (php scripts have write permission on all files), on more professional hosting / hosting configured with extra safety in mind, php scripts can't write in folders and the user will have to go in and chmod the upload folder at least to 744(0744).  It isn't a problem with the plugin, it's a problem with the Wordpress install.

There are two ways you can solve this...

The first is to ask your host to allow WP Backup Plus to create a "temp" folder inside wp-content/uploads/wp-backup-plus/.

Alternatively, You can add it manually yourself via ftp. Login to your server via ftp and then in wp-content/uploads, create the wp-backup-plus folder, chmod it 777 (change the rights), then go inside that folder, create another folder called temp and chmod it 777. But, this isn't a global solution - just a fix for that one particular site. You can also go to your cPanel and find the "File Manager" and go to wp-content/uploads/wp-backup-plus directory to create the temp folder. If there's already a temp folder, simply select it and then change the permission to 777.


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