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Shell_exec command error
Posted by Juan Guiterrez on 07 January 2014 03:05 PM

shell_exec command

Are you getting this error?

Please ensure that your PHP process can use the shell_exec command.


You can try a Google search for "How to enable shell_exec() function" and do it yourself.

Otherwise, if you contact your host, they should be able to enable that command for WP Backup + to function properly. However, there are 10 - 20% servers that won't do it.

This error will occur on some hosts that have disabled the shell_exec command. Most haven't including the major hosting providers such as Hostgator however if you have a shared server, it's likely that this command is disabled.

We have looked into a solution and there is no good alternative to work around shell_exec since its the main function all backup plugins work, you will have the same issue with any other backup plugin you will try on that server if you are in that 10 - 20% that won't support enabling it.

Please ask your host if this is the case. If so, you may want to switch hosts or ask them the best way to backup on that server.


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