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Problem getting access token from Dropbox
Posted by Juan Guiterrez on 07 January 2014 03:03 PM

Problem getting access token from Dropbox


This problem can happen when the Google Analytics plug-in is installed in WordPress.

After clicking on the "get access token" link, in the WP Backup Plus settings page, you are taken to a drop box page where you give permission to your app to connect to your dropbox folder by clicking on the "allow" button. The problem is after clicking on the "allow" button you are redirected back to the Google Analytics plug-in in your WordPress installation rather than the WP Backup Plus settings page.

To fix this problem temporarily disable the Google Analytics plug-in before clicking the "get access token" link. You will then be able to get the access token from dropbox correctly. After you get the message "you have successfully retrieved your access token" in the WP Backup Plus settings page you can then re-enable the Google Analytics plug-in.

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