Ring Multiple Numbers Call Flow Not Working
Posted by Ryan Walsh on 21 November 2013 12:17 PM

If you believe you are experiencing issues with the Ring Multiple Numbers ring flow in ACT, please take into consideration the following about how this ring flow is meant to function...

When someone calls and the call flow is set to ring multiple numbers, the outgoing number that answers the first call, will receive all subsequent calls. Even if you later change the phone numbers in the ring multiple numbers setting.

For Example...

If you call the tracking number you have setup from a phone number (X), you will be connected to the company that answers first in your Multiple Numbers List (Y). Every time X calls back to the call tracking number, they will automatically be connected to Y, and none of the other numbers on the list will ring. 

This is a necessary feature so that if a person calls the number again, they get connected to the same company they spoke to originally.

You can test that it's working correctly by calling from a different number and all the phones should ring.

If you still feel that your "Ring Multiple Phone Numbers" ring flow is not operating the way it should, please submit a support ticket. 

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