ALR: Not Pulling Leads
Posted by Ryan Walsh, Last modified by Ryan Walsh on 18 November 2013 01:48 PM

If you are experiencing issues with receiving leads it can be 1 of 2 things...

1. Your results contain duplicate listings which have been filtered out. Your search campaign needs to contain broader keywords or more keywords, use of title & body, additional sections. You can do this by going to your campaign, clicking edit, and viewing their keyword, and cities.

2. If there are less than you have in ALR, this is due to Craigslist taking the listings down due to spam and unwanted listings. ALR will acquire all listings 7 days from creation. So if the campaign was created october 31, it will grab all of the listings in the sections they have selected from the 24th and continue to bring them leads.

If you have taken both of these factors into account, and still feel you are not pulling the leads you should. Please submit a support ticket. 

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