Auto Lead Reach: FAQs
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Q: What is Auto Lead Reach (ALR)?

A: Auto Lead Reach (ALR) is a real time lead generation platform. Simply put it makes finding leads freakishly easy!

Q: Where do leads come from?

A: Our leads come from Craigslist which as of writing this is the 26th most visited site on the internet. 37,000,000 million people per month visit Craigslist. Auto Lead Reach monitors Craigslist and anytime an ad is posted that meets your search criteria we deliver it to you in real-time, and automatically follow up with the poster (as long as you want to).

Q: When I get a lead, how do I follow up with the poster?

A: With ALR you can automatically follow up with each and every lead, or you can do it one by one simply from within the interface.

Q: Can you post ads with ALR?

A: No you can not post ads with Auto Lead Reach, we suggest taking a look at CLAD Genius.

Q: Is support included?

A: Of course. Submit a ticket at anytime to, and we'll make sure to get you taken care of as quickly as possible. 

Q: Are there any additional costs to ALR?

A: No. After you purchase Auto Lead Reach, there are no other fees associated with running the software. 

Q: Am I able to filter results?

A: With Auto Lead Reach you are able to filter your results by category, subcategory, within multiple cities and minimum and/or maximum price (when available within category). Additionally our dynamic filter system enables you to build a filter that includes and/or excludes keywords giving you the ultimate control over your results. Auto Lead Reach also lets you search by title only, body only or title and body copy. Our platform is super dynamic and enables you the ability to pinpoint the precise results you seek.

Q: Can ALR contact my leads automatically?

A: Yes! AutoLeadReach can be set to automatically send your lead results an email from your email account with your custom email based on the campaign. It’s easy to create a campaign to find a particular type of lead and have them all sent a specific email from your email account.

Q: When I contact a lead, where does the email come from?

A: The email will come directly from your own email account! We support most of the mainstream email clients and have integrated Auto Lead Reach with those email clients so all emails going to your leads will originate from your own email account.

Q: What email clients does ALR integrate with?

A:,,,,,,,,, and

Q: How will I know who I'm contacting?

A: We’ve built in a notification system that enables you to get notification emails the instant you contact a lead. You can also set the notification emails to come on a daily or weekly basis also.

Q: How many categories of leads are there?

The categories of leads are based on the website you are searching for results. Currently we are searching Craigslist and their categories consist of: community, housing, for sale, services, jobs, gigs and resumes. Each of those main categories is then broken down into multiple subcategories which Auto Lead Reach will easily filter results based on your campaigns filter setup.

Q: From what countries does ALR pull results?

The countries from which we pull results is based on the website you are pulling results. Currently is able to pull results from the US and Canada. Additionally results can be pulled from the following areas: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania.

Q: I didn't get my login credentials, what should I do?

A: The first thing you should try is to have the system re-mail your password by choosing the “I forgot my password” option on the login page. If you still don’t receive your password, you should open up a ticket in our support system at

Q: What are the safeguards so the same post isn't hit over and over with emails?  More specifically, when I set the "notification" to daily, weekly, etc, is that how often that post gets sent an email- or when I get notified about the emails that are sent out? Are emails only sent out ONCE when I create a campaign?"

A: ALR only emails these leads once, as soon as they are posted. After that, they do not email that specific lead again. 

Q: How long does it take to get leads once I enable and start my campaign in ALR?

A: When you test your new campaign in ALR, you will see a list of previous post leads that match the criteria you have setup. However, when you enable and activate your campaign, it will not pull those old leads. ALR will only pull new posts once you activate the campaign. ALR refreshes these new posts every 30 minutes. So, there will not be any leads until at least 10 minutes after you start your campaign. 

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