PPCP Reports Not Displaying Colored Boxes
Posted by Ryan Walsh, Last modified by Ryan Walsh on 16 October 2014 09:25 AM

If you are trying to generate a report from the PPC Prospector, but are unable to view the colored boxes and are only seeing the percentages, please check the following...

When you are analyzing your results, make sure you do NOT have the expert mode box checked...


Additionally, when you generate the reports with the PPC Prospector it actually creates two reports:

1) business_name.html

2) /raw/business_name.html

The file in the "raw" sub directory has the numbers, percentages, yes/no.

Whereas, if you open the regular one you will see the colored boxes.

If you have checked both these things, and are still unable to get the correct report with the colored boxes, please submit a support ticket. 

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