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Posted by Ryan Walsh on 18 September 2013 11:34 AM

Question: Does the customer own the site or is he renting/leasing it from me?

Answer: They leasing or renting it from you.


Question: What should or can I charge for these sites?

Answer: We personally sell these websites for $2,000-$3000 regularly, and recommend you use that as a starting point. However, the license allows you to sell the sites for whatever price point you desire, giving you the flexibility to bonus them in or charge whatever you want. Just remember each site costs $20 to build and $20 per month for hosting so anything above that is a pure profit for you.


Question: Is there a refund or money back guarantee?

Answer: By Activating your license today You understand that all purchases are final. There are no refunds or money-back guarantee with the licensing fee. We have a better-than-money-back guarantee, which is: if after 60 days of following the training and taking action you have not made at least double your initial investment back, we will help you and consult with you personally through email, webinar, or online chat to provide advice on what you could do to close your first sale to cover the initial investment.


Question: During the webinar I didn’t see your methods for ranking the sites.

Answer: We are not teaching ranking, you are purchasing a license to use our themes, content, images, and software. Instant Local Sites was not setup to be a info course, however there is a “Speed Ranking” bonus video in the training area.


Question: Can I give an Outsourcer Access to my account.

Answer: There is only 1 login provided for the software and it is tracked. Your outsourcer can access the software, but you should build the site then give them admin panel access to edit.


Question: Can I use your sites for Lead Generation?

Answer: Our 500 series sites do well for lead gen, and the 505 theme is built specifically for lead generation using PPC, Mobile PPC traffic, or through SEO as a secondary traffic site.


Question: Can I make the template examples Australian (phone numbers, addresses, etc)?

Answer: You can create your own sample templates and edit in the information using your own country code and information. The main example templates are not editable to prevent multiple people editing the master templates for personal use.


Question: What if a customer wants to leave?

Answer: If a customer wants to leave you contact support and we will suspend or cancel that website from your account.


Question: Can I add my own label to the sites, with a link to my site?

Answer: Absolutely! Our sites are licensed so you can edit and sell them as your own without your clients knowing we are the provider. These are WP sites and can be edited easily.


Question: Tell me about the form for them to enter their details. Can I see a sample?

Answer: We use Jot Forms and will provide a sample in the training back office that you can grab a direct copy of.


Question: Can I post this on my site for them to fill out?

Answer: You will be able to edit the form to contact you when submitted and can edit it however you want.


Question: Tell me about the template designed to sell these sites

Answer: We are in the process of building a consultant website that you’ll be able to use to sell the websites as a service. You’ll be notified once it’s available in the next few weeks.


Question: Can you teach me how to SEO optimize your sites for my own purposes? Talk to me about the speed ranking video.

Answer: The speed ranking video gives the latest details we use when building the sites to help them rank fast. We cover SEO in our ongoing training masterminds for members of the Local Income Mastermind.


Question: What about the Google Authorship and training webinar?

Answer: Google Authorship is pre built into each site and there is training on how to configure it for your clients using their personal Google+ profile.


Question: This is great, how do I get started?

Answer: Simply return to the page that directed you to this FAQ and activate your license before the expiration deadline.


Question: Can I see the software and back office of the websites?

Answer: Sure, we’ve posted a video demonstration showing how fast it guilds a site and how easy each site is to edit below.

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