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Posted by Ryan Walsh on 18 September 2013 11:32 AM

Question: If we sell the same sites with the same content to many businesses, doesn’t that create problems with Google? I thought Google hated redundant sites?

Answer: No, there is not a duplicate content issue like you see in affiliate marketing. The local space has not seen this concern.


Question: Do all templates come with email opt-in forms available?

Answer: Every template has gravity forms built in.


Question: Am I correct that full integration with email service providers like MailChimp is easy to do?

Answer: You can integrate with Mailchimp, or any provider you’d like. These are WordPress sites and have the flexibility of a normal WP website.


Question:Can you provide a list of all the verticals (dentist, locksmith, etc) you have?

Answer:Currently, here is the list of verticals that we have:

 Current Verticals:




-Heating and Air


 In Development For October:

-Bankruptcy Atty




-Bail Bonds


Question: I understand configuring the the site for a client and using google authorship and google places. But what if we wanted to create a site for local business that we wanted to keep and sell leads through.

Answer: You can adjust the address to whatever you’d like. Authorship may not be used in these cases since it has to be tied to a personal profile in G+ Local.


Question: Do I need a mobile website builder with this?

Answer: All of our themes are fully mobile responsive and do not require a mobile add on. However, having a mobile builder as a back up option for a client that just updated their website or doesn’t want to pay for a new site, but still requires a mobile upgrade is a smart idea.


Question: Are the changes / customization done in wordpress admin or within weaver elite interface?

Answer: Changes are made in the WP admin area, not the Web Weaver software. There are instructions and documentation in the software on editing the sites.


Question: If clients want some custom fields, can I include that?

Answer: Yes, these sites have been built for ease of use, but they are WordPress based and you can edit the content and widgets like any normal WP site.


Question: Tell me about the landing page template. How much is is? Is it customizable?

Answer: Site 505 is our landing page template. It is highly customizable and mobile responsive. It is included in the licensing fee and only $20 to build and $20 per month.

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