Offline Continuity Crusher - Managing Your Membership Pages
Posted by Ryan Walsh on 11 September 2013 10:28 AM

There are two ways to best manage this pre-made membership site...

1. Autoresponder Controlled - This is the easiest way to setup a membership site. This is the way to go if you’re using the HTML website option.All you do is customize your site accordingly and then upload all the HTML files to your domain.Then instead of using a membership site script or software program to control the members area you do everything using your autoresponder like Aweber. You setup your autoresponder to send out the monthly emails for you so you don’t have to do it every month. Once you set it up its done! You never have to worry about it again.Here’s how it would flow:1. Edit and customize your pages. 2. Create a Thank You page with your autoresponder op<n form3. Create all the download pages for the individual marketing tutorials. 4. Upload the completed site to your webhost. Create autoresponder messages to be sent every 30-days to each download pageSure there are minor steps for each main step but overall it is very easy to setup and run an Autoresponder Controlled membership site. NOTE: you can use this option when using WordPress sites too. The setup is pretty much the same

 2. Membership Software Controlled - This option tends to be a little more complicated because it requires you to use a third party software or script. Some of the more popular examples are DigitalAccessPass, Wishlist Member or InstaMember. DAP and Wishlist are expensive. We highly recommend InstaMember! It is just as powerful as the others but at a fraction of the cost.This op<on works by using a site created in WordPress. You install the membership site plugin of your choice and configure it to control the members area and the product you create. It wouldn’t make much sense to go into how you configure everything using these different plugins because they all have their own training centers.I will say this op<on presents a more professional image. For some reason, using a members area where the user has to login to get their products and downloads just seems to be more professional and brings with it a higher perceived value.

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