OCC Landing Pages Returns "Don't Have Permission To View" Error
Posted by Ryan Walsh on 05 September 2013 10:48 AM

If after setting up your WordPress pages, and trying to access the wp-admin page, you receive the following error...

ERROR MESSAGE: "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."

Please try the following...

1. This error can also be caused in step 4 of the BackupBuddy install process - where it asks for the database prefix. Instead of changing the prefix "wp_" to your actual prefix of your database, try leaving it as "wp_".

2. Your webhost security settings are too strict. You can contact your webhost, explain what you're trying to do and they should be able to walk you through it. If you're using HostGator you should not have this issue. However, some of the smaller webhost companies have tighter security settings and thus cause this error to happen.

One of these two solutions has worked for every customer we've spoken to that has had this issue. However, new things can and do come up. If neither of these solutions fixes the error, please submit a support ticket. 

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